Travel Bingo – the trip of a lifetime could be a ball away

A lot of people associate bingo as a game only for old ladies or run as a charity fundraiser in the local Scout hall. But bingo is actually one of the most popular games in the world and its fan base of those playing regularly is in fact hugely diverse. The online world has also both brought bingo to a more diverse and international audience than has ever been the case before and led to the development of all sorts of different variations of the traditional 75 and 90 ball bingo games. And it’s not only the games themselves which have been evolving but also the prizes available. Betsson bingo’s product director Sven Harstandt commented on this trend saying:

‘Different demographics and profiles of bingo players are motivated by different kinds of prizes and jackpots. We’ve seen the variety of bingo player profile evolve massively over the past 10 years and we now have large sections of players of all age groups and backgrounds. And we’ve adapted our games and prizes accordingly. Travel bingo has been one of our most successful variations on traditional cash prizes. The game is relatively cheap to enter at a couple of pounds or euro and the jackpot is a dream holiday for either 2 adults or 2 adults and 2 children worth £5000. The prize has encouraged a large number of younger players. For them it’s cheap, fun and if they get lucky the prize is a real treat and seems to motivate them much more than pure cash’.

One of the first winners of Betsson’s travel bingo game was Louise Spence from Preston in north west England. Along with her husband Daryl and daughters Rose (8) and Abby (6), the family had 10 days in Orlando Florida including passes to Walt Disney World, Universal, SeaWorld and Legoland. For Louise this was absolutely priceless.

“I always associated bingo with my gran. But I took part in a charity bingo event a couple of years ago and had so much fun I was hooked. With a couple of young kids I can’t afford to either waste money gambling or go out to bingo regularly. But I found online bingo almost as much fun and the fact you can play for as little as £1 means it’s an affordable pleasure for me. I’m not really doing it to win anything, that just adds a little to the excitement, so when I tucked the kids in for the night I would occasionally sit with my tablet on the sofa while Daryl watched football and play a couple of games. And I chose the travel bingo game as I thought that on the off chance I ever did win a dream holiday would be so much more memorable. If I had won £5000 in cash we would have felt obliged to put at least a large part of it towards practical things like repairs or improvements on the house. We might have had a little holiday somewhere. But the trip to Florida was something that we will remember our whole lives. It was wonderful and will always be a dear family memory which I think in the long run is more important than the new windows we might have put in upstairs”.